A Look Back in Time: April 13, 1915

A Look Back in Time: April 13, 1915

R.A. Keenan has applied to Sheridan’s city council for a 25-year franchise for a central heating plant.

Mr. Keenan proposes to build a plant that will heat the entire business district of the city.

Sheridan’s city council has appointed E.W. Wilson as the new city clerk. He will fill the vacancy created by M.W. Foy, who resigned to become city commissioner.

J. Frank Owen, a resident of Dayton, is in Sheridan today.

Mrs. A.I. Jones charmingly entertained at dinner last evening, in honor of the birth anniversary of her husband, the Rev. Jones. Pink and white carnations were used to make the table festive, and the menu was especially selected for the occasion.