A Look Back in Time: April 19, 1919

A Look Back in Time: April 19, 1919

Minnie O. Kessen was visiting in Sheridan from Arvada yesterday.

The polling places for the special bond election have been established. They’re the same as before with one change. In ward 3, precinct one has been changed from the D&D garage to the old Edelman drug store on the corner of Main and Loucks.

John W. Eginton is in Sheridan from Ranchester today.

The Sheridan Fruit Co. has fancy fruits and candy.

Bert Westbrook from Clearmont was in Sheridan today. Bessie Hoffman of Clearmont is also visiting in Sheridan this weekend.

Beginning tonight, the dining room of the Sheridan Inn will be open from 8:30 to midnight for dancing.