Hang Glider Fly-In

Hang Glider Fly-In

Hang gliders from across the nation converge on Sheridan Wyoming twice a year, to soar upwards on the air currents of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains.  Launching from Sand Turn, spectacular views of the area are revealed as aviators climb upwards to 13,000 feet making hang gliding one of the many unique adventures for those landing in Sheridan.

Dubbed hang gliding “heaven,” the little town of Dayton, west of Sheridan, Wyoming, on the eastern edge of the Bighorn Mountains is home to some of the best thermals in the northern Rockies. The conditions from Sand Turn, allow aviators to climb upwards to 13,000 feet.

The new Hang Glider Fly-In Festivals events are scheduled Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend.

Tourists stop by – some times by the hundreds – at the expanded pullout during the festival. Gliders often ask bystanders with an extra driver to take vehicles down the mountain. “Over the 22 years that I’ve been flying we have not lost, me personally or anybody else, we’ve never lost anything out of our vehicles,” says Johann Nield, hang glider instructor and event organizer. “You’re asking a stranger you’ve never seen before to drive your vehicle down – and that says something.”

Journalists will be included in the event – also helping take vehicles down the mountain and will be paired with a pilot for an inside view of the sport and event.

Spelunking in nearby Tongue River Cave is also available. Journalists can accompany a guide or navigate the cave on their own with a provided map.

Event Details:
Bighorn Mountains at Sand Turn
Location: Sand Turn – west of Sheridan
Directions: Exit I-90 at Ranchester exit West of Sheridan. Continue on Hwy 14 up Bighorn Mountains to Sand Turn.
More information: Johann Nield, (307) 751-1138 or email wyomingwings@wyoming.com

  • Address:
  • City/State: Sheridan, WY 82801
  • Phone: 307-751-1138