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Sheridan Wyoming


The City of Sheridan is the county seat and the hub of activity for Sheridan County. Conveniently located adjacent to I-90, Sheridan is just 30 miles from the intersection of Interstate 90 with Interstate 25; 124 miles southeast of Billings, Montana; 264 miles west of Rapid City, South Dakota and 442 miles north of Denver, Colorado.

The original 40-acre town site of Sheridan was planned on the back of a piece of wrapping paper by John D. Loucks in the spring of 1882. The town was approved and incorporated in 1884. With the coming of the railroad, the opening of many coal mines, and the settling of ranch lands, Sheridan quickly grew to a town of 1,559 people by 1900. The early wood frame, false front buildings were replaced by sturdier structures of brick and stone between 1900 and 1920.

Nearly half of the buildings currently located in downtown Sheridan were built during this time period. The architecture of the Downtown Sheridan Historic District is typical of early western towns and is characterized by mixed elements from different classical styles. These elements are combined in individual buildings to produce what is known as the “Plains Style.”
Sheridan Today

Named after General Philip Henry Sheridan, the city of Sheridan retains its charming western appeal while offering all the conveniences a family needs. The thriving downtown features over 70 retail businesses including specialty shops, restaurants, and western stores offering opportunities for any shopper. Recent development elsewhere in Sheridan has resulted in a mix of traditional mom-and-pop stores with nationally recognized chains.

Children may attend one of five Sheridan elementary schools (1-5), the junior high (6-8), or the high school (9-12). Alternative and parochial schools provide additional options. Over 65 different churches are available. Sheridan offers all the amenities of a much larger city, including city water and sewer, a post office, a community library, theaters, a YMCA, many museums, golf courses, art attractions, and an outdoor public swimming pool. Sheridan’s thriving healthcare community includes two outstanding hospitals (Sheridan Memorial Hospital and the VA Medical Center), a cancer treatment facility, dialysis center, outpatient surgery center, and two nursing homes. Public safety in Sheridan is maintained by the City of Sheridan Police and Fire-Rescue departments.

Service and philanthropic organizations abound in this small community, and their good works can be seen in the quality schools, the flourishing local economy, and the beautifully preserved character of Sheridan.