Wyoming Theater Festival

Wyoming Theater Festival

A two-week Wyoming Theater Festival! Discussion over coffee at 9 am in the theater lobby, workshops at 10 am in the Library Inner Circle, free family-friendly “Green Show” at 12 noon at the Kendrick Park band shell, matinee performance of one of four new plays at 2 pm, backstage tour at 4:30 pm, wine & dine at 4:30 pm at Frackelton’s, evening performance of another of the new plays at 7 pm, a “cask with cast” at 10 pm at Frackelton’s … each and every day.

The Wyoming Theater Festival is establishing itself as a major force in the development of new works for the American theater. The entire focus of WTF is aiding playwrights and musical theater teams in the creation of new work worthy of today’s audiences, and shepherding these works towards full productions on stages across the nation. We consider our job unfinished until the plays we develop have found their world premieres.

Some of the performances include:

  • Ring of Fire – The Music of Johnny Cash

It’s a joy-and-heartache musical celebration of The Man in Black with two dozen of his greatest hits, including “I Walk the Line,” “A Boy Named Sue,” and “Folsom Prison Blues.” A gifted cast will take audiences on the musical journey that was the life of Cash, from the cotton fields of Arkansas to the Grand Ole Opry — a journey through his legendary romance with June Carter, through his struggles and successes, rowdiness and redemption. Crowd-pleasing and foot-stomping, particularly when the title song is sung, this show has connected thousands of fans with the spirit of the man and created enthusiastic new audiences for the American legend named Johnny Cash.

  • Alice Formerly of Wonderland

It’s about Alice. Yes, THAT Alice — Alice Liddell, who, as a child, was the inspiration for Lewis Carroll’s immortal story. Now Alice is in her teen years, living at Oxford where her father serves as a Dean. History tells us that in 1871, Prince Leopold, youngest son of Queen Victoria, enrolled in Oxford and was enchanted by the famous and beautiful Alice. This romantic comedy tells the tale of the Prince’s courtship of Alice and the Queen’s furious objections. All is accompanied by well-known songs of the era and a few glimpses of the creatures of Alice’s Wonderland.