Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Interpretive Center and Visitor Services
The Sheridan Interpretive and Visitor Services program provides understanding of the major ecosystems found in northeastern Wyoming, and how humans and wildlife interact with these ecosystems. The program also provides information on the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s role in maintaining these ecosystems through wildlife management programs. Visitors to the center gain insight into the relationship of healthy habitats, to healthy and diverse wildlife populations.

Sheridan Regional Information and Education Specialist Warren Mischke says, “The Wyoming Game and Fish presents this learning experience as part of an exciting wildlife appreciation program, ‘Wyoming’s Wildlife Worth the Watching’… nothing enhances the sport, beauty and recreation of wildlife experiences more than a better understanding of nature’s ways. I sincerely hope people learn and enjoy themselves as they visit the center.”

Components of the visitor center include panel exhibits displaying various ecosystems and their communities and numerous types of wildlife typical of each community. The center strives to teach people the value of our environment and wildlife and understanding what it takes to preserve and protect them both.

People are welcome to enjoy the self-guided tours, which are intended to educate and enlighten the general public as to the values of our environment. Brochures of all types of wildlife present in Wyoming, as well as backyard tips for wildlife watchers, are available to visitors.

The center, East of Interstate 90 at the 5th Street exit, is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. week days year around excluding holidays. The Visitor Center can be reached by calling 307-672-7418.